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  • I cannot find my gallery on the web site. How can I have it listed ?
    Gallery locator lists any gallery dealing with modern, contemporary art, photography, street art & design. If yu want your gallery to be listed, please inform us with the "Contact" page. This is free.
  • I am an artist, and I am not listes on Gallery-locator. How can i be listed ?
    Gallery Locater lists artists having one gallery or present in a public collection. If you wish to be listed, please send us the information using the "Contact" page. This is free.
  • The information about my gallery is not correct. How can I have it changed ?
    The information regarding your gallery has been taken from your website. I you want the information to be updated, please let us know using the "Contact" page, and we will process your request as soon as possible.
  • Where do the information of the website come from?
    The information come from the gallery websites, the artists or their estate's websites, the collections websites, exhibition catalogues, and from the press.
  • I am an artist, but some information is missing on my page. How can i change it ?
    We will be very pleased to update your information. Please let us know using the contact form, and we will be pleased to update your profile.
  • Why be listed on Gallery-Locator ?
    Listing is free. If you are an art gallery, you will be contacted by collectors interested in the artists you represent or sell. The website also sends you traffic on your website, Facebook™ page and Twitter™.
  • What is the purpose of the website ?
    This website is a free ressource for collectors making it easy for them to find the art galleries dealing with their favourite artists all around the world.
  • What is the GL Index ?
    The GL Index is an index calculated after the information in the database. The more important an artist on the art market, the higher the Index. The index of the galleries is calculated with the index of the artists they represent or sell. It is higher when they deal with more important artists on the art market.